Residential Real Estate Attorney

The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC provide a broad range of residential real estate services. We have represented thousands of home buyers, sellers, and refinance borrowers. We have solid working relationships with most lenders operating in the State of Connecticut and with many, many realtors. We know the laws and customs that apply to real estate transactions. The laws are the same throughout Connecticut, but the customs—which are binding in many instances—vary from county to county and sometimes from town to town. If our firm represents your interests, you will never be required to travel. We have closing facilities located in all major cities in Connecticut, including Fairfield, with others made available as needed.

We understand the sometimes urgent nature of the real estate business. We understand that contracts and negotiations that lead to contracts do not occur according to a schedule, and as a result, they occur many times with little or no notice. If our assistance is needed at such times, whether before or after hours, or on a Sunday from an open house, The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC will be readily available by cell phone to assist. Contact an experienced lawyer for help protecting your rights and preserving your peace of mind in any residential real estate matter.

Residential Real Estate Experience

The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi is experienced in residential real estate law. As a residential real estate attorney, Gregory Lattanzi handles residential real estate transactions, involving:

  • Mortgage lenders
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Real estate agents
  • National relocation companies
  • For Sale By Owner - Buyers
  • For Sale By Owner - Sellers
  • Home buyers, home sellers, home refinancers
  • Investors - owner occupied/non-owner occupied

From contract to closing, lease to eviction, Mr. Lattanzi understands the concerns of each of his clients. This knowledge prepares him to anticipate and often avoid potential problems. Also, ask about our Early Advantage Program where you will learn 20 "must do" steps to get the best deal on a home and 7 smart moves for home sellers.

Legal Documents and Contracts

Our knowledgeable residential real estate attorneys review, prepare, execute, and deliver all documents related to residential real estate closings, including:

  • Closing documents
  • Titles
  • Lender mortgages
  • Refinancing documents

When you are involved in a residential real estate transaction in Connecticut and want to legally protect your interests, please consider contacting a lawyer who knows our state's real estate laws. Call or email The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC for assistance.