Avoid Foreclosure

Connecticut’s foreclosure laws and legal procedures are complex and homeowners have certain legal and equitable rights. If you are facing foreclosure now or in the future, and you are seeking to avoid foreclosure, extend foreclosure, or simply manage the foreclosure process, you may be able to benefit from The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC. We know Connecticut foreclosure law and the applicable legal procedures.

The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC provides a broad range of legal services for some homeowners who wish to avoid, extend, or manage the foreclosure process. Some alternatives are appropriate if you want to stay in your home, while others are appropriate if you want to consider leaving your home. Some of our clients have a substantial equity position in their home for which they seek maximum protection. Other clients have little or no equity in the home, but seek to stay in the home if possible, or to simply regain control of the sale process and have an orderly and private sale of property.

If you are facing foreclosure and would like legal help avoiding this action, extending your foreclosure, or simply managing the foreclosure process, please consider contacting an attorney who knows Connecticut’s foreclosure laws. Call or email (link to Contact Us page) The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC for assistance.

Short Sale

A short sale occurs when you sell your property and your mortgage company agrees to the sale and to release the mortgage for less than its remaining balance due. A successful short sale will allow you to avoid a foreclosure sale, and ultimately eviction. It can provide for an orderly sale of your property on terms agreed upon by you, and may also allow you to sell your property and settle your mortgage debt for less than the full balance due. A short sale can involve residential property, such as the home you live in, or it may involve commercial property.

The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi are experienced in both residential and commercial short sales. Our short sale attorneys and real estate attorneys have represented thousands of real estate clients statewide in Connecticut. Together with our experienced support staff, we process and close successful residential and commercial short sales on a regular basis.

Connecticut’s real estate and foreclosure laws are complex. Laws that relate and impact upon short sales increase the level of complexity in a real estate transaction. The real estate attorneys and short sale attorneys at the Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC have the legal knowledge of Connecticut’s real estate laws, foreclosure laws, and laws relating to and impacting upon short sales, to properly advise and protect a client in the context of a short sale.

The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC also knows that in order to properly process a short sale in today’s environment, a substantial dedication of staff and commitment of resources is required to meet processing obligations.

Attorney Lattanzi and his support staff have extensive experience that we can be demonstrated through representing clients in connection with successful short sales.

If you would like legal representation in connection with a short sale transaction, please call or email The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC for assistance.

Foreclosure Mediation

Foreclosure Mediation was established under Connecticut Law in 2008 and its purpose is to assist homeowners and lenders achieve a mutually agreeable resolution to a foreclosure action through the mediation process. Mediation is available once the foreclosure process has started at court and the various mediation hearings take place at the court building. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC regularly represent clients at mediation proceedings and find the mediation process to be useful in conjunction with other various legal services that we offer for those clients seeking to avoid foreclosure.

Mortgage Modification

A Mortgage Modification takes place when you and your lender agree to change the terms of your mortgage loan. Homeowners who are unable to pay the mortgage loan in accordance with the original loan terms are sometimes offered more favorable terms from their mortgage lender.


A refinance occurs when an existing loan is paid off from the proceeds of a new loan. Sometimes a private loan can be used to refinance the terms of an existing loan that is being foreclosed.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy proceedings provide ways for you to protect yourself financially, and can sometimes be an effective tool to stop a mortgage foreclosure. The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC does not represent clients in connection with bankruptcy proceedings.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

A deed in lieu of foreclosure occurs when a homeowner voluntarily signs a deed to the home, which would transfer the ownership of the home to the mortgage lender, and avoid the foreclosure process.