Civil Matters

Civil matters, including civil disputes, can arise in any facet of your life. Protecting your interests, in negotiating a contract or lease agreement, or in a civil lawsuit, is critical. Connecticut lawyer Gregory T. Lattanzi has the experience to assess your situation, explain your options, and represent your best interests. When filing a lawsuit is your only solution, or when you are being sued by someone else, contact The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC for assistance.

Litigation Experience

The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi offers representation in a wide variety of civil disputes including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Retail and commercial collections
  • Work-outs
  • Mortgage and Note modifications to recover debts
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Bankruptcy representation
  • Fraudulent conveyance actions
  • Turnover proceedings
  • Contract disputes
  • Decedent's estates
  • Eviction and possessory actions
  • Actions to quiet title
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Representation including appeals in all state and federal courts
  • Estate litigation
  • Landlord/tenant issues

In these and many other similar conflicts, Mr. Lattanzi has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation. We are able to represent you aggressively, whether you are suing, or being sued.

Transactional Experience

We handle civil transactions, as well as civil litigation. Contact The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi for assistance with any of the following civil matters:

  • Government and specialty mortgage programs
  • Down-payment assistance programs
  • Grants and rehabilitation loans
  • Title certificates
  • Title insurance
  • Legal opinions as they relate to land titles


Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings provide ways for you to protect yourself financially. The Law Offices of Gregory T. Lattanzi can help you navigate the bankruptcy process effectively. We can assist you with accurately filing for bankruptcy and moving your case through the bankruptcy process efficiently.

Settlement Negotiation

Attorney Gregory Lattanzi is a skilled negotiator who may be able to settle your case without going to trial. However, he is also an experienced trial lawyer who will not hesitate to litigate your case if going to trial will help to achieve a favorable resolution for you.

Regardless of what side you are on in any civil issue, please contact litigation attorney Gregory T. Lattanzi. He can help resolve your civil matter, including civil disputes and litigation concerns.